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Yemnak's concierge service which provides customers with all the services they require, such as completing government transactions in Kuwait also airport delivery which Yemnak achieves the highest level of luxury for VIP's.

About Yemnak

Bringing Services to you since 2003

From the goals that the Public Services Company were built for, which is to help citizens from all over the state private and public institutions to facilitate procedures, and from the company's vision which is to present superior services, Yemnak Concierge was built, since 2003. Yemnak is a service given for our elite clients, individuals and companies, to help out with your needs and to help you with your daily tasks in privacy. Yemnak team will satisfy your needs where they will take you to a luxurious trip of your life. Our team are ready to serve you 24/7 through our branches, in Kuwait or even Dubai and London.

Our Vision

In Yemnak we believe that you deserve a Luxury Lifestyle, so our vision is to take the lead in Concierge Services worldwide.

Provide all the possibilities that we can offer in Concierge Services, to provide the best services to our clients.

Unmatched Services

adapted to your needs

Concierge Individuals and Company

Yemnak's team are ready to serve you 24/7 to facilitate your daily tasks, to create a unique and luxurious lifestyle to our clients. These services provided to our clients through annual contracts with different companies for their clients, or by individual's membership contracts. We designed our services to suit your needs and wants which will help you through your day.

Call Center

To keep up with our client's needs we provided a call center to help for establishing high standards for our services. We provide this a Call Center Services to companies with employees who are ready to answer calls for them. In addition, there is a call center in our company with the latest technology to serve different companies and governments.

Membership Cards

Wide Range of Services Tailored Just For You